KnittingKnitting has been around since the 15th century. It is a fiber art wherein a person interlocks loops of yarn with the help of especially designed needles. It has been in existence for a very long time, yet people around the world consider it as an all-time favorite part of their wardrobe. Who knows, maybe its presence for a long time is the reason behind its ubiquity.

Regardless of the logic behind its fame, one thing is for sure. Knitting has this unique characteristic to hook people and make them addicted to the looping of yarns. The only problem comes in the knitting process itself. It may seem intimidating for beginners and those who are thinking of engaging in this activity. However, this should not be the case because there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can find anywhere to help you through with your first knitting session.

The first dose of advice would be to browse the internet for knitting tips. The web is teeming with guidelines on how to do it with pictures and videos. With this, you need not fear that you might go wrong. This will also give you the general idea on how and what knitting really is. It may take a great part of your patience at first, but once you learned the art, it can be highly addictive.

Next, it would be helpful if there are friendly knitter’s circles around your area. The members of this circle could be your mentor for your first few projects. They will help and guide you on how to do the tricks on the designs that you think you cannot achieve.

Even if you are already on the knitting phase, there are still plenty of tips left for you. For example, doing a project that involves different colors of yarns at the same time poses as a problem for knitters because the yarns get tangled. This can easily be solved if you know what to do. The solution to this would be mixing bowls. You just have to surround yourself with the bowls where you can put a specific color of yarn for each bowl. This way, the fibers will not mess with each other.

Others might contend this idea. Yes, the yarns will not tangle but with so many mixing bowls surrounding you, there is the danger that you will trip or accidentally kick one of the bowls. Do not give up just yet. As mentioned, there are still plenty of tricks left. Another option for organizing the different color of yarns you need for knitting would be to put them in a bucket or a pail with a lid. All you have to do is drill some holes on the lid and have the yarn’s tail sticking out of the hole so you just need to pull them when you need that fiber. Depending on the size of the bucket, you could put around six to seven balls of yarn in it. Remember to polish the holes though since they are rough because of the drilling. You do not want your threads to be damaged just because they went through the rough holes.

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