Nursery Wall Painting Ideas – Create A Beautiful Accent Wall

Painting your child’s nursery, especially if this is your first, is an honor, a reason for excitement, an art project, and most of all, a work of love that should not cause you any stress or anxiety. Even if you don’t consider yourself able to paint your fingernails without making a mistake, know that you absolutely can paint your child’s nursery, and you will do a great job.

First, ask yourself:

“How long will my baby be in the nursery?”

If you’re like most parents, you don’t live in a mansion, so that nursery room may have to convert into your baby’s bedroom — this usually occurs around age 5. If you know ahead of time how long the nursery room will be in place, you’ll have a better idea of the painting you decide to do.

Some themes to consider are: fairy tales, nursery rhymes, animated characters from videos (this is an especially easy theme to convert from a nursery to a child’s bedroom after four or five years), religious/angelic images, etc. There is nothing to limit the choices you have for the theme of your child’s nursery.

If you are not an artist, but have your heart set on painting a mural for the nursery walls, not to worry. Many artists are available for work in almost any neighborhood; check the local discount newspapers, high schools, even the web-based classifieds; artists are always looking for gigs. If you want to complete the painting yourself and you have never done anything like this before, you have support in the form of local craft stores and countless websites. Complete a web search, “How to paint Tinkerbell on a wall,” and over one million sites will come up, each one providing complete, easy, do-it-yourself instructions (many with youtube videos).

Take a shortcut through art school. Decide on an image that you want to paint, example: Simba. Go the web, select a graphic of the character. Print it, and cut out the image (it should be at least 8 1/2” x 11” for a good painting). Turn the image over and using a pencil, shade in the sheet of paper. Tape the image to the nursery wall, faceup. Use a pencil to trace all of the lines (eyes, ears, nose, paws, all of the lines of the image.) Remove the piece of paper to see an outline of Simba on your nursery wall — this is the hardest part of the process. After purchasing some bottles of paint from a craft store, and a paintbrush or two, just fill in the corresponding color and allow the paint to dry.

Next, use a black magic marker and outline the Simba you have just painted; the black lines should be on top of the painted sections, to add definition. Refer to your printout from the web as a reference. Allow the black magic marker ink to completely dry, and to seal in your work of art, paint all over Simba with a clear gloss — and Voilà! You are an artist.

Whatever theme you decide for your baby’s nursery walls, make it great, and have fun with the colors. And if you decide that you are not so happy with the results, just remember this: one paint roller and a small can of egg shell is just like a delete key.