Too Many Designers In The Kitchen: How to Launch a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen may be a dream that you have had for months or even years. Once the time arrives to get started working on this project, however, you may quickly become overwhelmed by all of the decisions that need to be made to get the project underway. In addition, this challenge may be coupled with the advice and tips from everyone from co-workers to friends and neighbors that may confuse you. The fact is that it can be challenging to get the ball rolling on your next project, but you can launch your project successfully by following a few tips.

Find the Right Design Team to Work With

While some homeowners will be able to successfully design their kitchen and may serve as their own general contractor, most will need to use the services of a professional design team. This may be due to the desire to achieve a gorgeous style in the space, to make use of design CAD software programs for easier budgeting and planning or simply to enjoy the advice and guidance that comes from their experience working on other projects. The best design team is one that has experience creating designs that appeal to you and that has a solid reputation for delivering quality results.

Formulate Your Own Vision

While you may rely on a design team to create the final design plans for you, the fact is that you will need to contribute plenty of input in order to ensure that your kitchen meets your goals and style preferences. If you are struggling to formulate a vision, you can consider reviewing some before and after pictures on a designer’s website. You can also see beautiful kitchen ideas online on design websites or in remodeling and renovation magazines. Think about the style that best fits your home and your lifestyle. In addition, think about a design or layout that may be suitable for the functionality of your home. For example, in a smaller kitchen, you may remove an island to create more floor space for maneuverability. In a larger kitchen, you may add an island or bar seating for improved storage and function.

Create a Design and Make Revisions

When you meet with your kitchen designer, you can discuss your ideas and plans. The designer may ask to measure your home, and he or she may ask you specific questions that you had not considered. These may be questions such as the preferred height of the cabinet, if you want a lazy Susan in one of your cabinets or if you want overhead storage above your refrigerator. The design will then be made for you, and you will be able to make revisions as needed. Once the design has been finalized, you can then move onto the rather fun task of selecting the cabinet colors and styles, the counter top materials and the other features that will be installed in your new kitchen.

A kitchen remodeling project is a great way to add value, function and style to your space. This project may be completed to update an outdated kitchen or to improve the value of the home before selling it. Regardless of why you want to remodel your space, the fact is that a kitchen remodeling project can be difficult to begin. Consider following these tips to get started working on your project.