Four Ways to Infuse New Life into Your Bathroom

The bathroom may be the hardest-working room in a home but when it comes to style, it’s often the most overlooked space. A few simple upgrades, however, can give the utilitarian room new ambiance while adding functionality to the space too. Whether you want to create a place where you can unwind at the end of a busy day or you just want your bathroom to work better, these four ideas can help your bathroom look less like a laboratory and more like a stylish, livable space.
1. The Bathroom Vanity

The vanity sink is the most public fixture in the bathroom. Typically located close to the room’s entrance, it’s often visible from other areas in the home. A new bathroom vanity is an affordable upgrade that elevates the style of the room while providing extra space for storage. The number of styles available make it easy to choose a bathroom vanity that coordinates the bath with the rest of your home. If you’re looking for a place to start shopping, we recommend checking out as they have a great selection at affordable prices.

When it comes to counter top materials for your new vanity, stone remains the most popular option. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), the top three most-requested vanity counter materials are granite, quartz and marble. Solid-surface materials that mimic the look of stone are also popular choices.
2. Trending Colors

Applying a fresh coat of paint is an affordable and easy way to infuse new life into a tired bathroom. Gray has replaced white as the most-asked-for color in bathroom makeovers, according to the NKBA. A gray color scheme gives the room a sophisticated look without overpowering the space and works well with both contemporary styles and traditional designs.


Because the element of water dominates the bathroom, colors that evoke sand and sea are also effective. Green remains a popular color choice, with blue following close behind. For a Zen-like atmosphere, earth tones are ideal, particularly when the bathroom makeover includes spa features such as a stand-alone soaking tub.
3. Finishing Touches

Bathroom faucets, shower heads and hardware offer opportunities to give the room a coordinated, cohesive look. The NKBA lists polished chrome, brushed or satin nickel finishes as the most popular choices. It’s all about function when it comes to favorite choices for faucets and shower heads Sink faucets with touch-operation offer ease of use to both children and seniors. Multiple shower heads in the shower enclosure offer both relaxation and re invigoration. When mixing shower head sprays and faucet fixtures, choosing the same finish throughout the room helps link together the various styles.
4. Lighting Schemes

Few design elements transform the look of a bathroom like lighting. Bathrooms are typically constructed with a single, bland overhead light fixture. Replacing the generic fixture with a fashionable pendant light adds instant elegance to the room. Installing wall sconces at either side of the vanity mirror helps illuminate grooming tasks. It’s an economical way to amp up the room’s style.

It doesn’t take an extensive and expensive remodeling project to change the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom. To help choose the upgrades that will make the most difference in the space, set clear design goals. Once you decide how you want the finished results to make you feel while you’re in the room, it’s easier to select the products that will achieve the desired effect.