Ten Awesome Remodeling Tools For Your DIY Project

Are you getting ready to start a remodeling project? If you are excited about transforming a designated space in your home to dramatically change its function or appearance, it is time to equip yourself with all of the tools you will need to make your project easier. With an arsenal of all of the right equipment, you never have to worry about spending more time on a task than necessary or delaying your work to take extra trips to the home improvement store. Here are 10 awesome remodeling tools that you need to get your hands on before you start working on the transformation.
10 Tools You Need for DIY Remodeling
1. The Cordless Palm Nailer

Never let cords get in your way when you are putting up drywall or building a cabinet. While this tool might not completely eliminate the need for a hammer, nailing will become less of a grueling task with the compact tool that is powered by an air compressor. Select the pressure setting, attach the nail to the magnetized tip, and position the tool and you can drive nails into virtually any type of surface.
2. Ballistic Fasteners

Are you installing an indoor flooring system or outdoor deck boards that are grooved to fasten together? This can be a tedious and time-consuming job without the right tools. With a ballistic fastener that is designed to make contact with the grooves and fasten them together instantly, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to install your flooring by as much as 50% and take save your back in the process.
3. Hole Saw Mini Kit

If you are renovating your bathroom of your kitchen, chances are you will need to drill compact holes where electrical fixtures and plumbing pipes will run. While you might not be an electrician, you can still cut the perfect hole with a hole saw mini kit that includes a compact drill and hole saw drill bits of varying sizes.
4. Cordless Sander

Are you refinishing your floors or your cabinets? Do not pay a contractor to do something you could do on your own with the right sander and sand paper. Keep your remodeling costs low and breath life into your hardwood flooring, your cabinet faces, or your deck. With a woodworking cordless sander that comes complete with a vacuum attachment, you can prepare your floors for staining and clean up the mess at the same time.
5. Right Angle Impact Driver

Ever needed to drive a nail into a tight space that is virtually impossible to reach? It happens all too often. If you are looking for a solution, purchase a right angel impact driver with a powered motor that can reach the tight spaces without cramping your wrist.
6. Auto Loader Screwdriver

Are you tired of shuffling through your tool box to find all of your screwdrivers? The auto loader multi bit screwdriver is the answer. This single tool can be loaded with multiple drill bits so that you always have the bit you need for your project handy. Twist the tool to select the bit you need for this screw and save time.
7. Grout Out Attachment

The grout out attachment for your reciprocating saw is all you will need to remove grout in a fraction of the time. If you are tired of your dingy grout, removing it and changing the color can dramatically transform the room. This simple attachment made of carbon steel eliminates the need to manually scrape grout and will keep your tiles safe from damage too.
8. Tool Alarm

Your tools are valuable. The last thing you need is someone fiddling in your toolbox or stealing your equipment. Just like you need the right tools for your project, you also need to protect the tools you own. A toolbox alarm is a great way to remotely monitor your tools and will alert you when someone tries to enter your tool box without your permission.